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I believe passive income is key to allowing financial freedom and the knowledge to gain this freedom should be readily available to our future generations.

- Nassir Emadi -

About me

I am a school teacher by trade who starting investing in property in 2002 which was the same year I also gained my Qualified Teacher Status. My property journey has culminated in me purchasing over 40 properties in London, the north east and the north west. I believe passive income is key and would like to share my vast knowledge of the property industry with people who would like to start a second income stream.

I specialise in properties which have a low entry price but a high yield. These properties tend to give good returns, very little capital growth, but come with less risk. This system has allowed me to be financially free in my 40’s.

I do not offer get rich quick schemes. I believe passive income is key to financial freedom and want to inspire the next generation to invest in property. I am passionate about property and have also written a book about my property journey. Click on the link below to purchase a copy of my book.

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40 Properties Before 40

I wanted to share my personal journey into the property world not to impress people, but to impress on people that if I can do it, anyone can do it.

- Nassir Emadi -